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At the heart of AvidConnect, is understanding. Constantly gaining the insights and empathy for the variety of life stages our customers are coming from and taking this information to improve your experience all the way through the journey of purchasing your new homesite.

For many buyers, purchasing your first block of land or building your first home can seem very daunting. AvidConnect is all about removing the unknown and maximising the ease and comfort of our customer’s journey. AvidConnect is communication both ways. AvidConnect is our purpose-built communication platform which connects our people with our customers. It’s about communicating to our customers at the right time to support them every step of their buying journey.

Open Space

We share the wisdom we’ve collectively built up over the years to help you get the most out of purchasing your first block of land and will gather your feedback throughout your journey to continue to improve our service to you.


We will connect with you through the entire process of buying land, building a home and moving in to your new community and help you connect with your neighbours and new community.


AvidConnect is about being helpful. Our team is dedicated to helping you make your dream home a reality and will help you through your entire journey, all the way home.

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  • We will provide you with guidance via a series of emails and SMS at important milestones in your journey.
  • We will ask you how your journey is going through a series of surveys at key milestones in your journey, checking in and seeing how AVID Property Group can provide a better service to you.
  • You will have a dedicated Customer Service Manager to help you if you need personal, over the phone guidance.
  • You can connect to avidconnect.com.au for helpful information to guide you through the process of buying land, building a home and moving to a new community.
  • We will invite you to meet your neighbours at events before you settle into your new community.
  • We will be with you all the way home.